Heat's Meyers Leonard puts COVID-19 outbreak into perspective

Shandel Richardson

Miami Heat center Meyers Leonard isn't looking for sympathy about the dangers of the NBA season returning after the coronavirus pandemic.

Leonard knows things could always be worse and there are plenty others in more difficult situations.

"No. 1, I'm getting paid a million dollars to play basketball," Leonard said. "Let's start there. It's something I love to do anyways. No. 2, my brother did two nine-month tours in Afghanistan for a lot less pay. We're going to be there [in Orlando] for three or four months max ... I get it, life is not always easy but what do we really have to complain about?"

Three Heat players have tested positive for coronavirus in the past few weeks, including Derrick Jones Jr. They closed the practice facility after the last test.

Leonard said he remains comfortable with his safety once the season resumes in the "bubble" in Orlando.

"I'm not concerned, I'll say that for starters," Leonard said. "But obviously this virus is hard to control even when you are taking the highest level of precaution. I have felt completely comfortable in all of my workouts. It's just the reality of the world we're living in."

So far, Leonard has been impressed with the NBA's efforts to restart the season. Still, he is aware of the challenges. 

"I will do everything in my power to do exactly what's asked of me," Leonard said. "We need to be diligent. This is a very unknown world of sports that we're about to go into. The NBA has never been through this."

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