Moe Harkless Ready to Enjoy the Miami Heat Experience

Forward Moe Harkless turned down other interested teams to play on a short-term deal in Miami
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Moe Harkless had countless opportunities to sign multi-year deals with other NBA teams. 

Instead, he chose to experience at least one season in what is now known as "Heat Culture." He said that was the deciding factor over more lucrative contracts. Harkless signed a one-year, $3.6 million deal with the Heat. 

“I think out of all the teams that I was considering or talking to I felt like Miami was the best fit when you think about everything,” Harkless said. “When you look at the culture , you look at the way they play, you look at the how serious everyone takes the game, how hard everyone works, it kind of embodies everything that I’m about when it comes to this game.”

Harkless spent last season with the Los Angeles Clippers and New York Knicks, averaging 5.8 points and 3.9 rebounds. He is expected to provide depth at shooting guard and small forward. The fact the Heat advanced to the NBA Finals last year also swayed Harkless. 

He said he was intrigued by the team coming within two wins of a championship despite dealing with adversity. Center Bam Adebayo and guard Goran Dragic both missed games during the Finals against the Los Angeles Lakers.

"The thing that impressed me the most was probably they way when things got hard for me, how they stuck together and fought even harder," Harkless said. "I think that showed on the court. It’s kind of a never-quit type of mentality and that’s attractive.” 

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