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What Has Been The Biggest Adjustment For Heat Rookie Nikola Jovic So Far?

Jovic preparing for his first NBA summer league

At 19, Miami Heat rookie Nikola Jovic has been playing against grown men the past few years. 

So the physicality of the NBA is nothing new. As he prepares for NBA summer league, he said his biggest adjustment has been the speed of the game. 

"I would say strength-wise, it's kind of the same," said Jovic, a 6-10 forward. "Pace is higher. These guys are a lot faster. That's the only thing that is really different. Everything else is the same." 

Jokic, who played in Serbia, was drafted with the No. 27 pick last month. The Heat were intrigued by his versatility and 3-point shooting. 

"Everything is really physical," Jovic said. "All the guys are really good. I think I was pushed the whole team. I think everybody is pushing each other."

Heat summer league coach Malik Allen said Jovic is still learning the game.  

“He’s got a good feel for the game offensively,” Allen said. “And defensively he does well. He’s learning. But when you talk to him, you don’t get the sense that it’s totally foreign, what you’re trying to teach him, which is a really positive sign. He’s got a good personality, good spirit. He is competitive. He’s young, but it’s good when you have that competitive spirit, obviously, just because you think he’s going to keep getting better.”

The Heat open summer league Saturday at 5 p.m. against the Los Angeles Lakers in the California Classic in San Francisco. 

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