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Miami Heat's Nikola Jovic Making Small Strides

Jovic scores six points in his second NBA summer league game

The Miami Heat knew it would take some time for rookie Nikola Jovic to develop. 

So far, the NBA summer league is about being patient with Jovic. He had his second straight slow game, scoring six points in the Heat's 81-64 loss to the Sacramento Kings Sunday in the California Classic in San Francisco.  

"In general, he just got a little bit more comfortable," said Heat assistant Malik Allen, who is coaching the summer league team. "You saw a little bit more skill. I think he's going to continue to be able to do that, rebound, be able to push the ball, start the break for us. He's a good decision-maker. He's a very willing passer. We're trying to do more of that." 

Jovic, who came off the bench after starting the summer-league opener, shot 3 of 8 from the field in the loss. Allen said the Heat are willing to take things slow with Jovic. 

He is only 19 and spent the past few years playing against international competition in Serbia. There is still plenty left for growth. 

"There's some possessions where he's trying to please too much and trying to find that balance," Allen said. "Again, a step in the right direction. He's starting to get a feel for switches and the way teams are playing. It's a little bit different. His minutes, overall, were pretty good. Again, you can see he's processing the game and trying to get it to slow down. He showed some flashes of some really good things to grow on." 


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