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Miami Heat planning a return to normalcy at arena next season

Despite the bubble atmosphere in Orlando, the Miami Heat hoping for regular atmosphere at games next year

As the NBA adjusts to playing inside the bubble in Orlando, the Miami Heat are at least planning for a return to normalcy the following season.

Heat team president of business operations Eric Woolworth recently said the organization is prepping to host games with fans long as COVID-19 pandemic subsides.

"We plan on playing next season in front of fans, and plan on having a sold-out facility, just like we've had since going back to 2009, for all our games," Woolworth said.

After suspending the season March 11 because of coronavirus, the NBA was able to a restart by concocting a plan to play the remainder of the schedule at Disney's Wide World of Sports. Twenty-two teams will play eight regular season games before the playoffs while dealing with strict staff quarantine rules. 

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The league was is in discussion of possibly continuing the bubble atmosphere next season. According to NBA Players Association executive director Michele Roberts' interview with ESPN, the league plans to keep the rules in place "if things remains as they are."

"We're going to keep doing all the things we would do in an offseason. And we've been selling tickets right along," Woolworth said. "And I think it speaks volumes to the amount of interest that people in Miami have in our team, but also in the commitment that we have in the community, and to make sure we do play next year in front of our fans and figure out how to do it safely."

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