The Miami Heat and their fans won't be among those around the NBA having much sympathy for former league great Paul Pierce. 

Pierce was fired from his job as an NBA analyst at ESPN for posting a wild video on social media last week. He went live on Instagram with dancers in the background while smoking and drinking. The video instantly went viral. 

Pierce tweeted a video of himself Sunday afternoon smiling. The caption read: “Big Things coming soon stay tuned make sure u smile #Truthshallsetufree.”

He became the butt of several Internet jokes but didn't seem fazed by the criticism. He later posted, “I can’t lose even when I lose I’m winning.” 

Pierce had worked for ESPN since 2017. During that time, he often took shots at the Heat. Most recently, he said the Heat would not make the playoffs after playing in last year's NBA Finals. Last year he was critical of Heat team president Pat Riley when he felt they were a contender. He's also said Miami underachieved during the Big Three era from 2010-14.

The Pierce-Heat feud goes way back to the 2010-11 season when Pierce began talking trash after his Boston Celtics defeated the Heat. At the time, the Heat were the most scrutinized team in the league because of the signing of LeBron James and Chris Bosh. 

After the win, Pierce tweeted, "It's been a pleasure to bring my talents to south beach now on to Memphis." It was a play off James' words when he announced he was joining the Heat. 

The comments drew the ire of Heat veteran Udonis Haslem, who responded by calling Pierce a "studio gangster." 

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