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The Miami Heat already have the brash of Jimmy Butler. 

They also have the popularity of Tyler Herro and the playful demeanor of Bam Adebayo. Now, they have Victor Oladipo, who has never shied from the spotlight. 

The Oladipo acquisition will only add to the character of a colorful team. In addition to appearing on the television show "The Masked Singer," he's also released a music video in 2019. 

Jasmyne Winbush, of CBS Sports called the Heat the biggest winner at the trade deadline. She wrote "The Heat front office went out and got a dynamic scorer to pair alongside Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo in the starting lineup. The best part is they didn't have to give up any substantial pieces, such as Duncan Robinson to pull off the trade."

According to, the trade also boosted the Heat's odds of winning the NBA championship. Here's the complete list: 

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1. LAL +365 → +380
2. BK +385 → +400
3. LAC 705 → 650
4. MIL 980 → 1025
5. UTA 1060 → 1150
6. PHI 1765 → 1775
7. DEN 2610 → 2450
8. PHO 3700 → 3950
9. MIA 4220 → 3575
10. BOS 5000 → 4500

Heat team president Pat Riley agrees. When he spoke to the media late Thursday night after the deal, he said he liked the team's chances of contending.

“I think Victor Oladipo will give us an entirely different kind of player than we have on our team," Riley said. "Victor gives you a slasher, and a runner, and a quick player, he’s a scorer."

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