Former Charlotte Hornets guard Kemba Walker did something Wednesday night that he had never done before in his NBA career.

He got ejected.

During the third quarter, Walker was knocked over after he ran into a hard moving screen set by San Antonio Spurs forward LaMarcus Aldridge. There wasn't a call, and Walker rose up and shouted at referee Evan Scott, prompting the first technical foul. 

Then, it looked like Walker said, "That was a (expletive) foul, man," which led to Scott giving him a second technical and an ejection.

“In real-time, it’s a difficult play; but we deem the screen to be legal, as LaMarcus was set,” NBA crew chief Randy Mott told a pool reporter after the game.

Mott added that Walker was given both technical fouls for using profanity.

“It’s the first time I’ve ever been ejected in my whole life," Walker told ESPN. "I’ve seen other guys do a lot worse but the choice was his, and he made it. He got me out of there, and what can I do? At this point we lost, and we have another one tomorrow.”

Walker has twice been awarded the NBA's sportsmanship award. In the midst of his ejection, Celtics coach Brad Stevens was also hit with a technical foul for his livid reaction to the techs called on Walker.

And while all that was happening on the court, a fan sitting behind the Spurs' bench hurled a beer onto the court that landed near the feet of the players. That fan was arrested, according to ESPN.

"It was pretty much right in front of Jakob (Poeltl's) shoes," Spurs' guard Lonnie Walker told ESPN. "It landed right in front of his shoes and bounced off. It was a beer can or something. That's just not cool."

Added Stevens: "I hope that person's not allowed in an NBA arena again."

The Spurs went on to win 129-114. Walker finished with six points, four assists and three rebounds in 18 minutes.