If Terry Rozier is wearing down, he surely isn't going to say it.

Rozier has been the one mainstay in the Charlotte Hornets' starting lineup the entire season, playing in all but three of their 62 games. Typically money as a key player in the clutch, he hasn't come through in their last two outings.

He's not about to panic, though.

"Just being human and being a basketball player," Rozier said after Wednesday's loss to Boston, "you are going to have slumps, you are going to have games where shots don’t fall. My last two games, that’s what it was."

In those past two games, Rozier made just 8 of 35 attempts and went 1-for-15 from 3-point range. Hardly numbers the Hornets have grown accustomed to seeing put up by their gritty scorer. Offensively, he just didn't seem to have it, leading to questions wondering if he's somewhat physically-drained after everything that's been placed on his shoulders.

Rozier, as you might imagine, isn't even entertaining that thought.   

"A lot of people around me what they do, they tend to overreact," Rozier said. "And that’s their job — they overreact. It’s my job to stay true to myself, stay poised and just take the blame for it. And just keep getting better and work about the next day. I can’t do nothing about the last two games. I can look forward to Saturday and maybe shots will fall."

With things tightening up in the playoff picture, the Hornets sure could use him to snap out of his mini-funk. They've lost eight of their last 11 leading into Saturday's game against Detroit and would love nothing more than seeing him get back on track.

"I am prideful," Rozier said. "I do have a lot of confidence in myself and I’m just looking forward to Saturday."