Does Donovan Mitchell Belong in the MVP Conversation?

According to a few NBA TV analysts, Donovan Mitchell belongs in the MVP conversation.
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Despite losing on the road against the Mavericks on Monday night, the Utah Jazz hold the best record in the NBA. At 38-12, the Jazz are led by Donovan Mitchell who averages 25.4 points per game, 4.3 assists per game, and 4.4 rebounds per game. According to a NBA TV analysts Sam Mitchell and Isaiah Thomas, Donovan Mitchell belongs in the MVP conversation.

"I know one way of giving the Utah Jazz the ultimate respect of what they've done this year. Why not Donovan Mitchell being mentioned as the leading candidate for MVP? When you look at what he's done, when you look at what the Jazz have done...they have dominated. Mitchell is averaging 25 (points), 5 (assists), and 5 (rebounds), and he is on the best team in the NBA, and he is the best player on that team." - Sam Mitchell

"Winning does matter," Isaiah Thomas said. "When you talk about Mitchell, undoubtedly he would have been the MVP. The way we are looking at analytics now, it's more about points, rebounds, and all the other stuff they count...winning has been so devalued, we don't even count it as a marker in terms of how you are measuring players today."

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