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Three Reasons Why the Utah Jazz Lost to the Golden State Warriors

The Jazz dropped their fourth game in six tries against the Golden State Warriors.

The Jazz dropped their fourth game in six tries against the Golden State Warriors. The Jazz still hold the best record in the NBA, but their lead in the standings has decreased over the last few weeks. Here are three reasons why the Jazz lost to the Warriors on Sunday.

1. Early Turnovers

The Jazz committed 14 turnovers against the Warriors, most of those were in the first half. Those 14 turnovers led to 19 points and helped the Warriors build an early lead. The Jazz were playing from behind the rest of the way.

2. Transition defense

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According to the box score, the Warriors had 19 fast break points. For those that watched, however, that number is deceiving. It felt like the Warriors scored half their points by pushing the tempo and scoring before the Jazz were able to get set on defense. Even though most of those points weren't technically fast break points, transitions defense was Utah's greatest downfall against the Warriors

3. Three-point shooting percentage

You've heard the cliché: the NBA is a make or miss league. That was true on Sunday. The Warriors simply outshot the Jazz from deep. The Warriors shot 16/31 (51.6%) from three and the Jazz shot 15/44 (34%) from three.

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