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Donovan Mitchell Trade: Knicks 'Low-Balling' Jazz?

Taking back fat salaries that are also long-term salaries is certainly unpalatable to the Jazz.

It is the trade that everyone has assumed will happen ... and in the end, the assumption probably still stands.

So what is the holdup between the New York Knicks and the Utah Jazz regarding a deal to bring the three-time NBA All-Star Donovan Mitchell back home?


Jazz beat reporter Tony Jones of The Athletic said via ESPN 700 (hat-tip Empire Sports Media) that the offers for Mitchell, including those that have come from the Knicks, have simply not yet added up.

"I think that the Jazz are a little disappointed that offers have been, I don’t want to use the word low-balling, but that’s probably the apt word to use right now,” Jones said.

The Jazz might not "like to use the word,'' but there it is.

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Now, obviously, we have suggested media ideas and we may even have a glimpse of what has been on the table. Jones said that “the Knicks have asked the Jazz to take back multiple bad contracts, not just one bad contract.”

Who might that be?

That might be Julius Randle, about ready to launch into his four-year, $117 million extension that now seems ill-advised.

That might be Evan Fournier, who has $20 million APY guaranteed to him over the next two years.

It is easy to understand why the Jazz, even as they might end up over a barrel here, don't want to completely "lose the trade.'' Surely they are interested in a bundle of premium draft picks from the Knicks, in addition to whatever else.

But if they are trying to rebuild following the moves off of Rudy Gobert and now Donovan Mitchell? Taking back fat salaries that are also long-term salaries is certainly unpalatable to them.

And the term "low-ball'' seems fitting.