David Fizdale reacts to rumored schedule changes

David Vertsberger

This morning, ESPN reported the NBA is considering major changes to its schedule that would include the addition of a mid-season tournament, re-seeding of the conference finals and four fewer regular season games. 

Knicks head coach David Fizdale was asked for his reaction to the proposed changes prior to New York's game against the San Antonio Spurs on Saturday night.

"In-season tournament? Every game's an in-season tournament to me. We're fighting for our life every night," Fizdale said.

Fizdale is right to take it a game and a time with his Knicks sitting at 4-11 and 3.5 games out of the Playoffs, especially given these changes won't come into fruition until next season at the earliest. The effort behind a shorter regular season is an attempted response at easing the burden of the NBA calendar on its players, who are missing regular season games to prepare for the postseason. Fizdale, who is vocally opposed to the "load management" strategy that has taken the league by storm, still offered NBA commissioner Adam Silver praise for his progressive vision.

"One thing about the commissioner is he's innovative," Fizdale continued. "He's always trying to make the game better and forward our game in a way that’s always constantly improving it. I think all of us as coaches and GMs and presidents, we all have a lot of confidence in the decisions that they make. Whatever they decide, I’m in it, I’m ready to roll."