Knicks Roundup 4/25: First Responders' Incredible Work Not Going Unnoticed

Kris Pursiainen

As part of a recent campaign to thank New York's current heroes, the first responders working on COVID-19 related cases, the Knicks have been putting out daily videos on social media of a former Knick thanking those risking their lives to help their communities. They started with Allan Houston, former For the 50th anniversary of Game 1 of the 1970 NBA Finals, the Knicks had team legend and current color commentator for Knicks' games Walt "Clyde" Frazier thanking first responders, essential workers, and even Dr. Lisa Callahan - the team doctor for the Knicks, Rangers, Westchester Knicks, and the Hartford Wolf Pack. Frazier makes it known to those at which the video is directed that he, and the city of New York, are extremely thankful for their service in these times. The Knicks have also been hosting Instagram lives with former players such as Houston to lead a one minute period of time in which the player and his family clap for the first responders and encourage those watching to join them in appreciating all of those working hard to keep everyone safe.

I think it's great the Knicks are doing what they can with their platform to promote the efforts of those risking their lives to aid the coronavirus relief efforts. I hate to look too far into this, but actions such as these, and the ways in which they are being carried out, do not seem to me to be on par with the other posts the Knicks' infamous social media team made last season. It seems that perhaps with the arrival of Leon Rose to be the team's president and Steve Stoute as the Knicks' "branding guru", they has already implemented changes in the media department. This could be to put immediate resources towards mending the media and public's negative perception of not just the New York Knicks, but their management as well. 

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