Knicks Daily Roundup 4/4: Knicks Players Frustrated With Randle's Playstyle

Kris Pursiainen

Marc Berman wrote for the New York Post about how Julius Randle's habits, which include "overdribbling", not passing quickly enough, and doing spin-moves into double teams and turning the ball over, were frustrating his Knick teammates this past season. Berman added that one of the teammates upset by these tendencies was most recent Knicks lottery pick RJ Barrett, a player around whom the Knicks are supposedly building. It will be interesting to see how the team deals with this situation moving forward; it is possible the front office has been aware of these issues for months which is what led to the creation of the potential trade with Charlotte involving Randle. 

Julius Randle shooting over Al Horford - Bill Streicher

Knicks fan blog The Knicks Wall has created a new website they call "Knickflix", the latest online tool for Knicks fans to search for highlights of great games by categories. Fans can search for games in categories such as by player (Anthony, Ewing, even Jordan), era (2010s, 2000s, 1990s, etc.,), or the amount of points scored by the featured player in that game. With hopefully everyone at home now self-quarantining to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Knicks fans might be left feeling as if they don't have much to do - Knickflix could solve this.

In more league-wide news, but still Knicks-related, it was reported today by Adrian Wojnarowski that the Chicago Bulls will be hiring a new executive with "full authority on basketball decisions." Wojnarowski added that the team will be seeking interviews with candidates such as Nuggets general manager Arturas Karnisovas. It has been reported before that the president of the Knicks, Leon Rose, might be considering Karnisovas himself for the Knicks GM position as a replacement for current GM Scott Perry. 

It has been reported that the Knicks will likely be hiring a new general manager this summer to work with newly hired president Leon Rose - it will be interesting to see what candidates the search gets narrowed down to.