Knicks SI 2K20 fantasy tournament: Team Verts lays smackdown behind Carmelo Anthony's 58 points

David Vertsberger

Welcome to the Knicks SI 2K20 Fantasy Tournament, in which eight of our writers drafted every Knick available to us in NBA 2K20 in order to simulate a winner-take-all single-elimination bracket of the greatest players to ever dawn the blue-and-orange. We will be posting results, interviews with the general managers and accompanying highlights with every game. Please note that if any jersey numbers that seem off or any players that weren't drafted end up getting minutes, it was due to a limitation in the game. Enjoy!


What could the Carmelo Anthony era have been?

The question may linger in Knicks fans' minds forever. It wasn't a complete failure by any stretch, with multiple Playoffs appearances in a decade lacking of winning. But New York never came close to the real goal - competing for an NBA title.

It's possible Anthony saw this 2K20 tournament as his last chance at winning one for his home city. He scored 58 points, tallied 13 boards and dished out 5 assists, knocking down 11 threes en route to a blowout win over Team Chris, 122-72.

"Our team didn't execute defensively out there," Molicki said. "But a historically awful shooting performance from Baron Davis was the nail in the coffin."

Team Verts's surrounding cast offered much more: JR Smith put up an efficient 31 points, Charlie Ward was a rebound shy of a 15-assist triple-double and Jerry Lucas secured one himself in a 27-rebound effort.

"Mitch clearly wasn't quite as physical as Lucas to match up with him, and DeBusschere could only do so much," Molicki said. "I guess this was a rare instance where a player from the past matched up better than a player from the present."

Not present to comment on the game was GM of Team Verts, David Vertsberger. He was last seen leaving the 2K20 sim drunk, stumbling, and rambling incoherently about "KnicksTape" and "parading down Sixth Avenue in a bathrobe."

Below are the game's box scores. Next on the docket is the first round match-up between Team Kris and Team Jackie.

Team Verts
Team Chris