Morning Knicks 7/7: Booker, Kidd, and Team Building

Kris Pursiainen

- In the latest installment of my video series, I explored the latest trade rumors surrounding the Knicks and Devin Booker. The video covers everything from whether or not Booker is worth pursuing, when the team should plan to do so, how much they might need to give up in exchange for his services, and ends with the answering of questions submitted by readers on Twitter. You can watch the video here.

- Marc Berman wrote an article centered on Jason Kidd, reported candidate for the Knicks' head coaching job, and his relationship with Milwaukee Bucks superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo. Berman mentions that Antetokounmpo "swears by" Jason Kidd, some Knicks insiders see Kidd as the "lone long-shot threat to favorite Tom Thibodeau", and that Kidd apparently has an important fan within the organization in William Wesley — A.K.A. 'World Wide Wes'. 

- Ken Tavarez wrote a piece for Daily Knicks about how the Knicks should go about constructing their rosters going forward, in an effort to draw in star players but be able to build and grow on their own if they're not able to get lucky with any free agents. He makes the case for constructing a cost-effective roster as a means of maintaining flexibility for those star players without sacrificing anything in terms of the quality of players the team would like to pursue to fill out the depth chart of those star-laden teams. As part of his piece, Tavarez takes a look at the championship-winning rosters of recent years — and the ideology with which they were put together.