Knicks Daily Roundup 5/22: Possible Dates for NBA Return, Carmelo What-If, and More

Chris Molicki

-Yesterday's roundup touched on the news of a potential mid-July return in Disney World for the NBA. Today, possible dates came out from Spencer Dinwiddie: June 21 for teams coming back to practice and games starting on July 15. Marc Stein of The New York Times also tweeted about those dates as options. While nothing is set in stone, it's encouraging to see the situation developing and dates being tossed out. You can read more about latest on the NBA's plans to return from Kurt Helin of NBC Sports.

-There's an alternate universe where events happened differently and the Knicks have filled the past two decades with NBA championships. Sadly, that's not the one we live in. The writers of Knicks SI are looking back at what-if moments in Knicks history and seeing what could have happened if New York's fortune was different. Our own Alex Wolfe is up first, tackling one of the great what-ifs for the Knicks: What if the Knicks did not trade for Carmelo Anthony? New York infamously made a move for Melo when he was likely to sign there in free agency, but Alex's article has a twist: He wrote about if Anthony went to the Nets instead, and the Knicks acquired Deron Williams, who wound up going to Brooklyn.

-The compliments keep on coming in for Leon Rose's new hires. Marc Berman of The New York Post spoke with several people around the league who had positive things to say about the Knicks' new assistant general managers Walt Perrin and Frank Zanin. The moves look to be good for Rose on paper, especially since Perrin and Zanin have a surplus of draft experience, as Berman notes, which is the next major event for the Knicks. However, New York is no stranger to on-paper victories that don't work out (Phil Jackson is one example). The true test will begin with the 2020 NBA Draft, and it will be hard to truly judge Perrin and Zanin before then.