WATCH: Talking Turkey with David Fizdale

Howard Megdal

Knicks coach David Fizdale has a strategy for how to collect a Thanksgiving delicacy that's been lost to him, one he thinks of when the best food from the day is discussed.

"My aunt has a corn pudding that's fire," Fizdale said, adding that he plans to see if she can ship some to him.

For Fizdale, the day itself is merely a beginning, with the leftovers in meals that follow the true measure of Thanksgiving's greatness.

"I like turkey sandwiches, to me honest with you," Fizdale said. "I'm a next day guy with the leftovers."

Fizdale also shouted out his wife's Thanksgiving meal. His answer was a seamless combination of embracing the past and living in the present.

Happy Thanksgiving, Knicks SI readers.