Kyle Kuzma Writes Impassioned Post About Racism Amid Protests Following George Floyd's Death

Melissa Rohlin

Lakers power forward Kyle Kuzma posted a powerful message to Instagram on Sunday amid nationwide protests following the killing of George Floyd by a white police officer on Monday. 

"Had a heavy heart last night," Kuzma wrote Sunday. "This just ain’t right. Violence is never the answer on both sides, but how the hell do you want us to say enough is enough? Kneel? Not good enough? March? Not enough? Say please?"

Kuzma, who has 4.7 million followers on Instagram, posted a photo of an unarmed black woman kneeling in front of a group of armed police officers and questioned how real change can be effected. 

"This is all disturbing that it’s gotten to this," he wrote. "We all say as public figures we need to use our platforms to help inspire & give positive messages, but I have to ask the question to myself... Is it enough?"

At a time of great anxiety and grief, when 104,396 Americans have died because of COVID-19, Kuzma pointed out how disturbing it is that the country remains so torn over race that incidents such as Floyd's senseless killing are still regularly occurring. 

"During a global pandemic we as a country that should have been coming together as one, but we are divided once again because of the dislike and hate of one’s hue," he said. "Seriously? 400+ years. Yes there has been progress and we must recognize but we have been told that it takes time. Our great grandparents said it. Grandparents said it. Parents said it. WE ARE SAYING IT!!"

Kuzma added that complacency and silence must come to an end. 

"Enough is enough," he said. "Stand for something or fall for everything. ✊🏽 Please stay safe everyone!"