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Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka is hard at work trying to find a way to upgrade LA’s roster before the February 10th Trade Deadline. The Lakers are short on trade assets, but 21-year-old guard Talen Horton-Tucker is one of the few trade chips Pelinka has left. 

There’s been plenty of debate about Horton-Tucker’s value. One expert believes the bizarre Ben Simmons saga is negatively impacting the Lakers ability to trade THT.

Like Simmons, Horton-Tucker is represented by Klutch Sports. Bleacher Report’s Eric Pincus explains why that’s not a good thing for the Lakers finding a trade partner for THT.

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“The whole Ben Simmons thing is complicated and is on Rich Paul’s resumé. Whether it’s Ben who’s doing what he’s doing or it’s Rich. The perception is, it’s Klutch. Do you want to get in bed with Klutch Sports on a player [Talen Horton-Tucker] who if he blows up, you now need to overpay? That’s what the Lakers are facing when it comes to trading him.”

Horton-Tucker’s current contract includes a player option after the 2022-2023 season. Meaning, he can opt out and become a free agent that summer. Pincus believes the problematic nature of Horton-Tucker’s contract detracts from a rival teams’ desire to acquire him.

“Then, if he blows up, you have to deal with Klutch Sports. Rich Paul is a very good agent, but he’s also has a reputation for being very difficult in negotiations. Fighting for his players. Getting what they want, fighting for as much money as possible, getting them located wherever they can.”

As an agent, it’s Rich Paul’s job to negotiate favorable deals for his players. However, front offices might not deem Talen Horton-Tucker worthy of the the trouble that comes with Klutch Sports.

It’s yet another hurdle the Lakers will have to clear if they want to trade Horton-Tucker in the coming days.