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Lakers fans have probably grown very tired of hearing it, but things are not alright out in Los Angeles. With the team doing everything they can to keep their heads above water to barely make the cut for the play-in tournament, it's not pretty. Naturally, everyone is looking for someone to put the blame on. 

From the sounds of things, Lakers' upper management almost wants to make Frank Vogel the guy to blame. Others in media have pointed to Russell Westbrook and his failures with his new squad. 

But Charles Barkley wasn't going to sit there and let that happen. The TNT analyst and long-time NBA star took his time to absolutely attack the Lakers front office, tearing apart their decision to build out what he calls a very bad roster. 

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They're blaming Frank Vogel, they're blaming Russell Westbrook. Listen, the people up top who put that trash together are running and hiding like cowards saying 'Oh, it,s Frank and it's Russ'. You put all of them old geezers out there. 

Barkley went on to point out that one of the Lakers' best players this month is Stanley Johnson, a guy that they have signed to 3 different 10-day contracts. And that's a problem. 

Listen, the best guy other than LeBron in the last month has been who? Stanley Johnson. For y'all to be bringing a guy who was on the street and he becomes your second-best player. The general manager or whoever is running that trash out there getting away, it's ridiculous man.

To his credit, Chuck is right. The Lakers built out a budget-friendly roster full of aging veterans and then went out and got Russ in a trade. What did they think was going to happen? Putting the blame on Vogel or Russ just seems ridiculous at this point. 

It's not a very good team, and that falls on ownership and upper management. We're looking at you, Rob.