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Not everyone is sold on who the Lakers have settled on for candidates to replace Frank Vogel. NBA Hall-of-Famer Kevin Garnett blasted the trio of finalists (Darvin Ham, Terry Stotts, and Kenny Atkinson) and stated that the Lakers aren't "serious about trying to better the situation with that list of coaches".

Colin Cowherd of Fox Sports was more tempered in his review of the perceived Lakers head coaching finalists. Cowherd is of the opinion that current Philadelphia 76ers head coach Doc Rivers is the perfect fit for LA. 

The national pundit believes that the Lakers shouldn't "experiment" with a rookie head coach like Darvin Ham and that Terry Stotts is a slight repeat of Vogel.

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"This idea that Doc can't coach...Doc to me is the best fit on the Lakers. Doesn't mean that Philadelphia wants to let him go, but man, he's won a title, he played in the game, he has the ability to navigate the stars. This Lakers team, it's an old roster, it's an odd roster, there's some egos here and I think he and Lebron would work together. ...I don't think you want to experiment with a coach. Frank Vogel, feels like Terry Stotts, in the end, there was no power. Doc would come in and have some power."

Never say never, but Philadelphia team president Daryl Morey previously indicated that Rivers will remain at the helm of the 76ers. Considering that the Lakers would like to a hire a head coach sooner rather than later, a lot of things would have to happen quickly for Rivers to become available.