Lakers' Danny Green Remains Optimistic That NBA Season Will Resume

Melissa Rohlin

Right now, no one knows what will happen with the NBA season, including league commission Adam Silver. 

But Lakers' Danny Green remains optimistic that professional basketball will resume amid the global COVID-19 pandemic after being a part of a call with the National Basketball Players Association. 

“By any means necessary, we’re going to try and salvage the season,” Green said on his podcast "Inside The Green Room." “And right now, we’re fighting. [The director of the NBPA] Michele [Roberts] and most guys think that for sure we’re going to have a season. It’s just going to start later than we expected."

Silver was much more unsure during a live-streamed interview with Turner Sports' Ernie Johnson on the NBA's Twitter account on Monday. 

"We should just accept that at least for the month of April, we won't be in a position to make any decisions," Silver said. "...It doesn't mean that internally, both the league and in discussions with our our players and the teams, we aren't looking at many different scenarios for restarting the season. But it honestly is just too early given what's happening right now to even be able to project or predict where we'll be in a few weeks."

Silver suspended the season March 11 after Utah's Rudy Gobert tested positive for COVID-19. At the time, Silver was hoping for about a 30-day hiatus, but that timeline was blown up as it became clear how catastrophic it would be to loosen social restrictions. On Monday, he said the situation is too fluid and there's too many unknowns to make any predictions.

The virus has killed 12,064 people in the United States as of Tuesday, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Silver added that at some point it becomes too late to resume the season. 

"I will say, though, that as I look out into the summer, there does come a point at which we would start impacting next season," Silver said. "Even there, I think a few weeks ago, nobody thought that we were talking about even a potential impact on next season, independent of what we might choose to do to finish our regular season and playoffs."

Green, however, thinks the NBA will figure out a way to get the billion dollar industry back on track. 

“[The rest of the season is] probably going to start in mid-to-late May, maybe, that’s what we’re hoping for at the earliest," Green said. "Or maybe earlier than that, but that’s the earliest we’re looking at, mid-to-late May, and it’ll probably go through August, as late as September, I guess. It’ll be a quick turnaround if we don’t get no break and broadcasters say, ‘Hey, you know what, we can’t push [next season] back to December or Christmas.’"

Green said the call with the National Basketball Players Association left him feeling confident the Lakers, who have the top record in the Western Conference at 49-14, will have a chance to complete for their first championship since 2010. 

“It was a good call, and positivity for the fans that we’re for sure going to have a season," Green said. "So all the things that you hear in the news and seeing and reading, don’t believe that the NBA season is cancelled. That’s not true.”