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Talk about valleys and peaks this week for Lakers fans. After taking down the Utah Jazz on Monday night in impressive fashion, things felt really good around Arena. And why not? Beating out one of the best teams in the Western Conference will always feel good, regardless of how poorly the season has gone. 

And then came another valley on Wednesday night. Losing to one of the worst teams in the NBA will bring any team riding high immediately tumbling back to earth. And that's exactly what happened with the Lakers as they faced off against the Pacers. 

Aside from LeBron James and Talen Horton-Tucker, the offense went completely dead. The defense wasn't any better, allowing 61 points in the second half to Indiana. But despite that, it sounds like Frank Vogel is keeping his job...for now. 

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Los Angeles Lakers will not be making a personnel move at this juncture and Frank Vogel will travel with the team tomorrow to coach in Orlando on Friday, league sources tell Yahoo Sports. - Chris Haynes via Twitter 

The news comes as a bit of a surprise to Lakers fans given the number of reports suggesting he was on the hot seat. If that were the case, a loss to the lowly Pacers would almost certainly result in an immediate firing. 

The Lakers will head out on a very long road trip starting on Friday night, and Vogel will be there with them. How long that will be for is anyone's guess, especially with a 22-23 record this far into the season. 

Things are getting bad in Los Angeles, and there's no telling if Vogel will make it through the entire road trip.