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On Saturday night, the Lakers fell to the Denver Nuggets 133-to-96. Two similar standing teams went up against each other and the Lakers allowed 133 points to be scored. This is proving that a lot of the teams have been able to bring out L.A.'s weaknesses and use them to their advantage, especially as the Lakers now have a losing record. The Lakers continue to lack on the defensive end and the result will be their downfall if they do not make a change and fast.  

After Saturday night's game, Dwight Howard responded when he was asked about how L.A. is stacked with potential Hall of Famers but continues to lack defensively.

"It shouldn't keep coming up," said Howard.

"The Hall of Fame status and all that stuff. It shouldn't matter. It's how bad do we want to win every night and how consistent are we going to be and we haven't been really consistent all year with that, so we've got to figure out a way to change that somehow someway. It has to change how we're gonna keep having these two games where we play pretty good and then four games where our defense is subpar." 

Dwight Howard shot 6-for-8 and scored 13 points in 21 minutes. That is not bad for the veteran center. However, even though the Lakers can score, that is not where the problem is. Their biggest shortcoming is their defense. They need to be able to make big stops that would have closed the gap in points. This is going to have to cause players to step up, especially with Anthony Davis still being out due to injury. 

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With that said, the Lakers know what they need to do moving forward, but the question is, will they be able to do it? 

The Lakers look to make a comeback as they will be going up against the Utah Jazz on Monday night.