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Throughout ESPN's coverage of the NBA playoffs, the worldwide leader in sports have had reporter Adrian Wojnarowski pepper in updates on the Lakers head coaching search. Whether non-Lakers fans like it or not, the purple and gold is home to the second largest media market in the country and is a global brand.

But there's at least two ESPN analysts that don't want to hear anymore about the Lakers head coaching search. During a Woj update about Juwan Howard turning down an "overture" from the Lakers front office about their head coaching vacancy, Richard Jefferson and Kendrick Perkins audibly groaned.

Jefferson visibly turned away from Woj and made a comment to Perkins as the reporter recounted his report. 

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Honestly, it looks like some choreographed made-for-TV antics.

Plus, Perkins, who made his name as a member of the Celtics 2008 championship team, and Jefferson, who's Nets got swept by the Lakers in the 2002 Finals, probably aren't the most Lakers-friendly analysts out there.

The Lakers deserve their share of critique after a catastrophic season, but both Jefferson and Perkins have continually crushed LA as often as possible. 

With Juwan Howard out of the running, the Lakers appeared to have centered their head coaching search around Darvin Ham, Terry Stotts, and Kenny Atkinson. 

All three candidates are expected to interview in-person in Los Angeles. Lakers owner Jeanie Buss will be sitting in on the interview to reinforce that the organization has a sound plan for the future.