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Ever since LeBron James made his way to Los Angeles to play for the Lakers, he has made a big impact on the team. Whether it is on or off the court, the superstar has some kind of influence. 

According to Brian Windhorst on ESPN's show "Get Up," Jeanie Buss has a good relationship with James and gets advice from him.

“From what I understand, LeBron and Jeanie are in a good place right now that despite the frustrations of this season LeBron believes that a few tweaks and some health can actually turn this thing around, and they can be super competitive, He is invested, wants to be there.”

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Although this is not always the case for an owner to look for advice from the athletes, LeBron James has a different kind of mindset. He carries the Lakers team and is constantly breaking records. His status means a lot, and Buss sees what keeping him happy can do. 

In an interview with Bill Plaschke from the Los Angeles Times, Jeanie Buss was open about taking advice from James. 

“I want him to feel confident in the team, that we have the pieces to win a championship,” Buss said. “He has to be happy. … I want to make sure that he’s happy.”

The Lakers front office wants to make sure the decisions they make are right for the team, so who better to go to than the athletes? Right now, the Lakers are looking for a new head coach, and getting advice from more players could be beneficial. If the players are happy with their new coach, then they may be willing to put in the work to win another championship. 

Jeanie Buss has been doing this for a long time and knows when to ask for advice and when she needs to make those tough decisions. Overall, allowing a player like James to speak his mind about the big choices that are going to be made could help in the long run.