Lakers: Ex-Laker Trainer Says LeBron James Is An Enigma

Long-time LA trainer Gary Vitti talks about LeBron's game.
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Long-time Los Angeles Lakers athletic trainer Gary Vitti saw a lot of Laker greatness during his tenure. He worked for the Lakers and saw eight championships and 12 Finals over his 32 seasons with L.A. 

Speaking with Brandon "Scoop B" Robinson, (Via Scoop B Radio) Vitti responded to LeBron James being compared to Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, and Kobe Bryant. 

Vitti is of course echoing what many have said about James since he was drafted into the NBA. Between commenting on how a player that big and strong could be so quick, to the constant comments about how he could be a world-class NFL wide receiver with little to no training--James's unique body and build are always a topic of discussion.

Vitti of course would be the absolute best source on this topic. Having been with the Lakers for 32 years, that means he was there for Johnson's "showtime" era, he was there for the entirety of the Kobe Bryant era, and he clearly has a good bead on the physique of James.

James being an 'enigma' could partly explain why he remains a top-three player in the NBA even at 37 years-old. The Lakers hope James has another few prime years left to add a few more banners.