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At this point, Lakers fans are begging for their front office to make a decent move. Regardless of what that move is, fans out in Los Angeles know that a change is needed. Especially for a team that is fighting to get above the .500 mark. 

And while there have been plenty of names floated out there, don't expect the Lakers to do a whole lot. That seems to be the indication from experts and analysts from around the NBA. 

Most recently, ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski suggested that the trade deadline could be very disappointing for Lakers fans. And his prediction is more than likely going to come to fruition out west. 

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I think that for the most part, the Lakers' improvement is going to have to come from within. They just don't have tradeable assets. Especially with so few sellers in the market, there are going to be other teams who can offer those select few sellers better offers than the Lakers will be able to. 

In terms of assets to move, the Lakers really don't have much. They can dangle Talen Horton-Tucker all they want, but teams don't seem to be biting at his current level of talent. It's safe to say that Los Angeles values him and his ceiling far more than other teams around the league.

Aside from that, the Lakers don't even have any decent picks to offer. They cashed them out in trades for Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook, and don't have a first-round to offer until 2027. 

With that being said, don't expect any major moves from the Lakers by the time the February trade deadline rolls around.