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When things aren't going well for the Lakers, there's nothing like looking back at better times. That would certainly be the case today as the team struggles to find any sort of rhythm and appears to be struggling just to make it to the play-in tournament this coming April.

But a year ago today, Lakers fans had a lot to be cheered about. It was a game against the Cavaliers that LeBron James had one of the most epic clap backs we're seen in a while. 

James went up for a shot in the third quarter against his old team and clanked one off the rim. As he jogged back towards the Lakers side of the court, a Cleveland executive sitting courtside made it known how happy he was to see him miss. Bron was not impressed. 

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It's never a really good idea to make LeBron James a little bit angry. The Lakers star responded with 21 points of his own in the 4th quarter while the Cavs put up just 19 en route to a Los Angeles win.

James finished that game with 46 points in the Lakers' win. He shot 73 percent from the field and landed 7 of his 11 three-point attempts. So if you're ever a member of the opposing team, might I recommend not getting in Bron's face?

You're almost always going to regret it.