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It's been almost ten years since Jodie Meeks was on the Lakers. The 2009 second-round pick played in LA from 2012-2014, before making stops in Detroit, Orlando, Washington, and Toronto. Although he's been out of the NBA since playing a bench role on the title winning Raptors squad in 2019, Meeks thinks he can help the Lakers next season.

In an interview with Wenzell Ortiz of Sideline Sources, Meeks covered anything and everything in basketball career, but when asked about whether or not he would be open to playing fo the Lakers again, Meeks didn't hesitate.

"Aside from being a great locker room presence, I can clearly add shooting, and I'm also a hard-nosed defender. I can come in and give that extra effort off the bench that everyday saw they needed last season. Every team can use a shooter that can make shots for their superstars."

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He also noted how he loved his time in Los Angeles due to the ever-passionate Lakers fan base. 

"Hopefully, next year will be a different story because Lakers nation is very passionate. That’s another reason that I love playing there; the fans are incredibly loyal. I know they’re ready for another championship."

The 34-year-old spent 2021 playing in the Big 3, and will once again be playing in the league this year. 

Meeks had the best statistical year of his career as a member of the 2013-2014 Lakers team that went 27-55. Kobe played just six games that year due to injury, but Meeks made the most of his opportunity. He averaged 15.7 points per game and converted 40.1% of this three-point attempts. 

Considering where the former Kentucky Wildcat is in his professional basketball career, a return to the NBA is highly unlikely. However, the Lakers will once again be filling out their roster with players on veteran minimums. So who knows, perhaps it's worth at least thinking about.