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Lakers Frank Vogel is Optimistic Amid Blowout Loss to Minnesota

Head coach Frank Vogel spoke about how the loss against Minnesota should motivate the Lakers to be better.

The Lakers were handed an unexpected loss on Friday night after facing off against the Minnesota Timberwolves. It seems that as players are clearly frustrated and concerned for the rest of the season, Frank Vogel has a similar, but optimistic mindset. Vogel spoke on Friday night and talked about using this tough game as motivation. 

"There's no better motivator than a bad loss," said Vogel.

"I think our guys are angry. Our coaching staff is angry. We'll get back to work and do whatever we need to do to fix it, get our execution better."

Although Frank Vogel sounds optimistic, he is not delusional. He knows more than anyone what the Lakers need to do to be successful the rest of the season. Vogel and the rest of the team understand where they go wrong, which is mainly in the third quarter. As the season continues, it is only going to become more difficult for L.A. if this team cannot adapt and make adjustments in those crucial situations. 

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The Lakers have had a few hard losses this season, but clearly, this one is hurting the most for this team. Frank Vogel and the rest of the team are disappointed, but they cannot dwell on this loss. The Lakers need to move on and use this to learn from their blatant mistakes and get better.