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The Lakers cataclysmic 107-105 loss on Wednesday night to the Blazers appeared to set the table for seismic shift in the roster before Thursday’s NBA trade deadline. Vogel hinted at trading Westbrook in the post game press conference. LeBron admitted that the deadline was like a “fog” hanging over the locker room.

The fog cleared as the trade deadline expired at noon on Thursday. GM Rob Pelinka elected to not make a trade. Everyone is still a Laker, including Westbrook.

Lakers fans were none too happy.

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Even Flea, resident Lakers super fan, and bassist of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, voiced his displeasure.

You know it's bad when there's Dallas Cowboy fan screenshots are involved.

Safe to say, fans are not optimist about the Lakers making a playoff run.

The Lakers are now resigned to upgrading their roster via the buyout market. Former NBA veterans Richard Jefferson and Kendrick Perkins clearly aren’t buying that it will change the Lakers fortunes. 

In the eyes of Lakers fans, Thursday was a massive disappointment for a team that continues to disappoint.