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With the Lakers up 3 with just over a minute left in regulation at Gainbridge Fieldhouse in Indiana a couple weeks ago, LeBron James hit a big three to put the team up 6. He celebrated by imitating the big balls dance made famous by Sam Cassell.

The NBA fined James $15,000 for an obscene gesture. Over the years, the NBA has been quick to fine players for doing that specific dance. Perhaps, it’s something the league does not want kids of the next generation to do, but it definitely is not that big a deal compared to other things players get away with.

On Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s Substack, the legend criticized James for doing the dance. He called it immature and unnecessary for someone of his caliber to need to do such a thing.

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Is this an ‘Okay boomer’ moment? Maybe, Abdul-Jabbar forgot when Kobe Bryant did the same dance against the Spurs in a January game in 2009.

Would anyone say anything that the Mamba did on the court was childish? Absolutely not. He was praised for his intense work ethic and dedication to the craft.

The six-time MVP (Abdul-Jabber) usually has a lot of intelligent points in many topics he discusses, but this definitely seems like an out of touch perspective, similar to how older baseball fans get mad at players nowadays for celebrating with bat flips and home run trots.