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Right now, it's hard to remember that Frank Vogel brought a title back to Los Angeles for Lakers fans. A team struggling to get into the win column has looked for a scapegoat, and unfortunately for him, it's trending towards Vogel. 

That has resulted in Vogel coming under fire from the front office as well. The latest report suggests that Kurt Rambis has become very involved, even suggesting a bigger lineup usage featuring DeAndre Jordan and Dwight Howard.

But not everyone is on board with blaming Frank Vogel. In fact, many Lakers fans across Twitter have openly defended him in recent days. Even Kendrick Perkins had a lot to say about Vogel, calling out LA players in his defense this week. 

“Frank Vogel being the scapegoat is ridiculous. … I want to see LeBron James and Anthony Davis actually come out and stand up for [him], because it’s not Frank Vogel’s fault why the Lakers are in the position that they’re in right now.”

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And Perkins is right. Realistically, what changes with this team if they happened to fire Vogel? The strategy might be adjusted, but players still need to execute in order to be successful. But that's just what the Lakers do more often than not. 

When things aren't going well, there will always be someone to shoulder the blame. But it should not be Frank Vogel. If anything, the blame should be shifted to the roster construction this year. Going into the season with aging veterans and a few guys who were good 5-plus years ago is certainly one way to approach a season. 

But blaming Vogel is simply not it.