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Wednesday night was flat-out embarrassing for the Lakers, there's just no other way to put it. Coming off of a big win over the Jazz on Monday, the Pacers came into town and brought Los Angeles tumbling back to earth. 

With fans feeling great about where the team was heading after beating the Jazz, Indiana crushed their hopes once again. That sparked the Frank Vogel debate once again, with many wondering how long he will be at the helm. 

After the bad loss, LeBron James was asked about Vogel's job and some of the decisions made during the game. He did not want to answer. 

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“Listen, I’m not in that business of pointing fingers, or pointing blame or trying to put a quote at the end or at the start of somebody’s, of someone’s commentator of what they feel of our coaching staff or Frank or where Russ [Westbrook] is, or where I’m at or AD . If it’s not positive for me, I’m cool. That’s not my lane. I’m not a negative person."

When pressed about Vogel's job, LeBron started to get a little bit defensive about it, opting to not answer any more questions about it. 

“So, if you got something to ask me beside trying to s— on somebody, I’ll answer those. Which ya’ll probably don’t. Seem like ya’ll in s—y mode right now.”

To be fair, it's difficult to not be in a bad mood when a team like the Lakers loses to the lowly Pacers. And with playoff hopes dwindling away with each passing game, the media and fans want answers.

The Lakers head out on a 6-game road trip starting on Friday night in Orlando. If things go well, Vogel should be able to keep his job. If not...well.