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After going on a small losing streak, L.A. has started to pick up momentum once again. As a matter of fact, a big part of that is because of LeBron James. The MVP has put his all into the Lakers this year and now without Anthony Davis, he has been the one to carry this team to victory. The night before the Lakers went up against the Utah Jazz, LeBron James tweeted out a promise to Laker Nation that the team would be better and from the looks of it, he intends to keep that promise. 

After the Lakers got the win over the Jazz, LeBron James spoke once more on the subject and reassured fans, he's got it under control. 

"We understood that our effort and energy wasn't where it needed to be," said James.

"Just taking the onus and letting Laker Nation know it wasn't about anybody else, it was about our fans and the people that ride and die with us every single day. Let them know that I got this and it wouldn't happen again."

LeBron James had another incredible night as he scored 25 points, had 7 rebounds, and 7 assists in 37 minutes. He was not going to accept another defeat, especially after the embarrassing 37-point loss to the Nuggets. With Monday night in the books, James has now scored at least 25 points throughout his last 14 games.

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Even without Anthony Davis and Carmelo Anthony (who has now missed three straight games), L.A. found their way back to .500. 

Now, as LeBron James continues to be the glue that holds this team together, the question is, will he continue to keep his promise to Laker Nation?