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The King has always used social media to his advantage. From sending subtweets to teammates to generating eyeballs on things he wanted to promote, James is considered a brand ambassador dream, a modern-day athlete that is a social media savant.

The NFL may be the most popular sport here in America, but with a helmet covering all their players on the field, it may still be difficult for fans to recognize some of their stars on the streets. The stars of the NBA are the most marketable of the four big North American sports.

Unlike the other sports, the NBA easily is the most popular sport across the globe (outside soccer), especially with shoe deals and ads that run deep in China and Europe. Having said all this, it should not come as a surprise that James has already hit 100 million in Instagram followers.

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According to longtime sportswriter Arash Markazi, James has managed to accrue more IG followers than all North American major sports accounts COMBINED.

This is surprising in itself, especially when we’re talking about combining all the other sports together. LeBron is no longer looked upon as just an athlete; he is an activist, entrepreneur, actor, and other things.