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Lakers Malik Monk On LA Still Trying To Find  Their Rhythm

After the Laker's loss on Friday, Malik Monk talked about how L.A. is making progress, but things take time.

As this season progresses, there is clearly numerous amount of issues that have not been resolved with the Lakers. This team has become so hot and cold. As easy as it is to say that there is still a lot of basketball left, there needs to be some kind of change if the Lakers want to make it to the Championship. According to Lakers reporter Mike Trudell, Malik Monk talked about how the Lakers still have a lot of work to do on building a bond. 

"It’s kinda hard to click right away," said Monk. 

This has been the narrative about the Lakers since the season even began. Many continue to question how this L.A. roster will perform and the answer is not as clear as some may have hoped. Monk, who has been performing well, especially when it comes to scoring, continued and spoke about Friday night's loss and talked about how he can improve. 

"Just to get easy baskets, cuts in the middle. Back cuts, screens, screens on Bron...things like that." 

"You never know how it's going to go. I might have a night like tonight or I might have six points. You never know how it's going to go, but I just have to try to find easy buckets." 

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Malik Monk scored 20 points and played for 29 minutes. Even though the Lakers have proved that they can score, the reality is that they are struggling to connect and communicate out on the court. The Lakers have been able to make a comeback, especially late in the game, but it does not matter if they cannot make defensive plays. The Lakers struggled to block the Clippers from scoring on Friday night and have had the same issue in previous games. 

The L.A. team knows there is room for improvement, so how long will it take until fans see the chemistry between players?