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Steph Curry and the Warriors captured the franchise's fourth title in eight years on Wednesday night at the Boston Garden. Curry took home the Finals MVP that has eluded him for years, which is partially the fault of the voters, but that's a different introductory paragraph for a different article. Now, Steph has four championships to his name and that puts him in a special class of NBA greats that includes Lakers legend Kobe Bryant.

The Ringer's Bill Simmons, who's famously one of the biggest basketball nerds on the planet, believes that Curry has now entered the conversation alongside Kobe for third-best guard in NBA history.

"I think the argument now is Curry-versus-Kobe and I have Kobe nine and Curry ten. I think that is now a legitimate argument. Because you're talking about Michael Jordan's the best guard of all-time, Magic Johnson is the second best guard of all-time - that's your backcourt. Then, who's your guard off the bench on the all-time team? Is it Kobe, or is it Steph?

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Simmons talked about that in at least his personal rankings, Curry will pass Kobe on his all-time list if Steph can win one more championship.

"I personally just like the stuff, if I'm talking all-time, wine bottle, all that stuff, I just like the stuff Steph brings to the table more than the Kobe piece. But, you know, Kobe, back-to-back Finals MVPs, he won five titles. Steph has four, Kobe is in play. He's going to pass Kobe with one more. "

Now, it has to be noted that Simmons is admittedly a Boston Celtics homer and has vociferously backed Curry throughout his career so, although he's attempting to be objective, his Kobe-Curry debate probably isn't happening on the most neutral ground.

It's another great debate that can never be truly answered.