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Lakers News: Carmelo Anthony Is The 6th Man For the Lakers

Having Melo come off the bench is a blessing for LA

If there was any question about Carmelo Anthony being the Lakers 6th man, it was answered in the first game of the season. Off the bench, Anthony logged 26 minutes. Laker fans knew this was a likely scenario given the frontline's name heavy stars. 

Anthony's first game as a Laker wasn't tremendous. It doesn't matter. At this stage of Anthony's career, starter minutes and dropping 25 PPG isn't realistic, but being the sixth man is. Anthony acknowledges this possibility, but he spoke about not seeking an award, just playing his role well.

“It’s different. You can have that mentality. Kind of forces you or pushes you to play at a high level every night and not look in front of you or beside you… Understanding what I have to do in those roles in order to help this team. So in my mind, it’s not about winning the Sixth Man of the Year award. It’s about being the best sixth man for our team. If that’s the case. Knowing that I have something to look forward to, night in and night out knowing I’ve got to come in fully prepared.”

Winning sixth man of the year isn't just about getting buckets, by the way. Anthony will have to play the best defense he can at his age, and he'll have to take the right shots. Anthony already knows this. He'll have to take the best shots available, and read who is on the floor with him.

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Having a 'microwave' on your second unit like Anthony will only help the Lakers, and trying to win a sixth man of the year award for Anthony will only pad his hall of fame list of accolades.