Lakers News: Clippers Owner Has Words About Laker Fans and the Clippers New Arena

Ballmer wonders if Laker fans may feel threatened.
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It was reported Thursday that the Los Angeles Clippers new arena will soon begin being built in Inglewood. The Intuit dome as it will be called, is estimated to be the new home by the 2024-25 season. The Los Angeles Clippers have been sharing Staples center with the Lakers, so having their own place to play and call home has been long overdue. 

Per ESPN, Ballmer discussed the Clippers needing their own identity, and building that for their fans. He also inferred that Laker fans may feel threatened by a Clippers identity.

"There's 30 teams in the league. There's 29 others. And we got one that happens to be based in L.A. And we got our fans. We use our expression, 'LA Our Way.' And we're building our own presence, identity. And if the other guys feel a little threatened -- the other guys' fans, I mean; the players are actually a little different deal -- but if they feel a little threatened, that's OK. It means we're doing good."

He's right. If someone feels threatened by somebody else making moves, it means that person is probably doing something good for themselves. Laker fans and the Lakers themselves, owners of 17 championship titles, a monstrous media market, and lead by a player (LeBron James) who will be in the discussion as the greatest of all time, probably do feel threatened by a franchise like the Clippers with all their accolades. 

It is good for a franchise and their fans to have their own identity. It is good for a team to feel like they have their own identity. For Clippers fans, this new arena will be a welcomed sight.