Since Los Angeles' trade with the Washington Wizards, everyone has been taking about the potential connection between LeBron James and Russell Westbrook. That's not something to ignore by any means, but neither is Anthony Davis who is still on the Lakers' roster. 

Davis was a shell of his former self during the 2020-21 season. He just couldn't stay healthy, and when he was, he wasn't 100% on the court. He played the fewest minutes since his rookie year (32.3 minutes per game), had his worst field goal percentage of his career (49.1%), the list goes on. The point is, last season was a lost cause for him, but that shouldn't allow people to easily write him off. 

Former NBA Champion and ESPN commentator Kendrick Perkins thinks doing so would be a mistake. While on the Road Trippin' Show, Perkins had some words about Anthony Davis.

"We keep talking about how much fire power, the spacing, and all that. But who in the hell is going to stop Anthony Davis? Please, somebody tell me that. ... He doesn't say a lot, you know. But one thing I'm going to remind you all of is that he's not feeling this Giannis related criticism. So I'm thinking, me personally, that Anthony Davis is going to come back next year on a whole another mission."

Anthony Davis has proven he can be a top player in the league. He's proved it in NOLA and he's proved it here in LA. He's arguably the biggest reason why the Lakers won a title in 2021 and if Perkins in right, he may be that reason once again in 2022.

If AD can get back to that elite player prior to last season, then the Lakers will get much more dangerous than people believe they are. Only time will tell. 

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