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Bryce and Bronny James might not be in the news as often as their father, but LeBron James' sons have received plenty of shine this summer. LeBron has frequently posted his reactions to their highlights and all three of them made a trip to the Lakers practice facility this summer to put on a slam-dunk show and get a workout in.

At the moment, both Bryce and Bronny are sharing the court as members of the California Basketball Club on a three-stop European tour. An emotional LeBron projected his enthusiasm at the sight of seeing his two sons playing on the same team for the first time ever in a competitive, organized basketball game.

After games against select English and French teams in London and Paris, the CBS will play the third and final game of their tour against an Italian team in Rome.

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The final game is scheduled for 9AM PT and will be broadcasted on ESPNU and also available on the ESPN App.

In the middle game of the CBC European slate, Bronny posterized a French player with one-handed dunk that LeBron certainly took notice of.

The California Basketball Club (CBC), who in addition to Bronny and Bryce, features fellow Sierra Canyon High School players with plenty of pedigree: Penny Hardaway's son, Ashton, and one of Scottie Pippen's sons, Justin. Pippen's other son, Scotty, is currently on the Lakers via a two-way contract.

Since highlights and stats of Sierra Canyon games are somewhat difficult to find, tomorrow is a great opportunity to see Bryce, Bronny, Justin, and Ashton share the court.