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The NBA summer doldrums are in full effect at the moment. Although the Kevin Durant-Nets drama and the recent chapter of the Lakers-Russell Westbrook adventure have provided some level of excitement, so it's safe to say that the premier of the 10-part Lakers documentary "Legacy" has garnered plenty of eyeballs.

Lakers owner Jeanie Buss has done her part as far as promoting the documentary that she served as one of the executive producers for. 

However, what might be the most noteworthy recent quote from Buss has little to due with "Legacy", but rather, the legacy of LeBron James.

In a promotional video for the upcoming NBA 2K23, Jeanie weighed in on who the true "GOAT" of the NBA is in a five-second clip and her answer probably isn't music to Lakers superstar LeBron James' ears.

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“Michael Jordan is the greatest of all time."

So not only did Jeanie not name LeBron James, who like Kobe Bryant, is constantly compared to MJ, the NBA's GOAT, she didn't even name a Laker great. 

It's a little puzzling since there's plenty to choose from: Lebron, Kobe, Magic Johnson, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

Buss she be applauded for her candor, but it is at least a little odd that the Lakers owner didn't name a purple and gold legend.

However, there was likely some more context to her quote during the filming of the promotional video.

Either way, Jeanie Buss has officially casted her vote in the eternal NBA GOAT debate despite her party affiliations.