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Celebrities and athletes getting their Twitter account hacked isn't a new phenomenon, but it's not too often that the owner of one of the premier franchises on the planet gets their account commandeered. Unfortunately for Jeanie Buss, that's exactly where she found herself this week.

The person who hacked her account promptly started a scam all too common in the social media era: selling PlayStation 5's. Buss' account posted a "huge announcement" that she was selling three PS5's with the proceeds from the sale of the consoles, which likely didn't actually exist, going to charity. The tweet has since been deleted.

One Lakers fan had some fun with the hacker after seeing the post. 

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The following day, Jeanie issued a statement regarding her compromised Twitter account from the Lakers Twitter account (apparently, the Lakers account actually has a strong password).

“Lakers Fans, my Twitter account has been hacked. Please do not engage with it or send any money. These are NOT legitimate offers. The Lakers will alert you when I am back in control of my account." - Jeanie Buss

Plenty of other Lakers fans took the opportunity to voice their continued displeasure with Russell Westbrook still being on the LA roster. 

Jeanie's account getting hacked isn't the end of the world, but it's not exactly a great look for the owner of a franchise whose leadership is already in question after two disappointing seasons. 

Safe to say, Jeanie has definitely upgraded her Twitter account security and now has first-hand knowledge of how some Lakers fans feel about Westbrook.