Lakers News: LeBron James Understands Patience and Work Are Needed for this Team

LeBron James has been around the NBA block and knows what it takes
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After the Lakers fifth straight preseason loss, the vultures are attempting to circle. Except for Skip Bayless, he has been frothing at the mouth since game one, and James wasn't even playing. I digress.

During the post-game press conference, James exuded his leadership role by talking about patience. This is an entirely new Lakers squad, other than James and Anthony Davis, so the growing pains for this team are going to be even bigger than any other team in the NBA.

"We're going to have moments where we're right there or we may take a step backwards but you know that's all part of it. I think nothing is worth having if it's not worth working for." 

James understands the inherent learning curve of having all new personnel and all new players on the team. Personalities take time to mesh and players take time to learn systems and rhythm on the court.

"Anytime you have a new team and a whole new course of guys, it just takes a little minute. So understanding that and just always just repeating that to the guys."

James describes having faith in the Lakers' ability to adjust and adapt as they go, and he credits their open communication.

"The best thing about us we have just like this open communication that we're able to figure it out right there on the fly."

James speaks with a leadership tone in all of his postgame press conferences and this one was no exception. Russell Westbrook is a high-energy player and certainly a high-energy personality. It will take time for all of them to mesh, but especially the biggest of NBA personalities. 

With James leading them, Laker fans should accept the old cliche that patience is definitely a virtue this season.