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The NBA Draft always generates some noteworthy quotes from players just beginning their NBA journeys. It's a reminder that some of the players selected are still teenagers, or still unable to legally purchase alcohol in 29 of the 30 NBA cities. 

Ben Mathurin, who was selected sixth overall by the Indiana Pacers during Thursday's NBA Draft at the Barclay's Center, probably had the rookie quote of the week. 

The Washington Post's Ben Golliver captured a wild quote from Mathurin that doubled as a call out of Lakers superstar LeBron James. 

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“A lot of people say he’s great. I want to see how great he is. I don’t think anybody is better than me. He’s going to have to show me he’s better than me.”

That's a bold claim from a player that has yet to log a single minute in the NBA. Lebron on the other hand, has 52,139 NBA minutes under his belt. Not to mention, four championship rings, four MVP awards, and 18 All-NBA selections. 

Mathurin's quip isn't the first rookie statement that's received national attention in recent years. Back in 2018, Marvin Bagley III, who was selected second overall by the Kings, famously picked himself to win league MVP in his rookie season.

Now, the 2022-2023 NBA schedule has yet to be released, but safe to say, Mathurin will be circling the first contest against LeBron James and the Lakers. 

The Pacers lottery pick is definitely talented, but he might have bitten off more than he can chew.