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As the regular season is around the corner, hot takes of the Lakers upcoming season seem to be flying. Even though it shouldn’t matter, the winless preseason has got morning shows like First Take and Undisputed to run wild.

Recently, Hall-of-Famer Reggie Miller sat down with Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson of Bally Sports to give his takes on the upcoming Lakers’ season.

The Indiana Pacer legend says the team is constructed to compete in the playoffs. With the years of experience, the team should know how to figure out the different playoff nuances that are not as known in the regular season. For example, referees seem to let more players play through contact in the playoffs compared to the regular season. Miller points this out as to why the Lakers will be the team to beat.

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As everyone already knows, the biggest question mark is centered about Anthony Davis staying healthy. This has always been the case surrounding his entire career. We all know how dominate he is when he is on the floor, but his biggest kryptonite is just staying out there on the court. Miller tells Bally what most Lakers’ fans feel when Davis falls to the floor.

After the Lakers acquired Westbrook and added numerous veterans to round out the roster, some Laker fans had flashbacks to the 2004 Lakers. When the 2003 Lakers failed to defend their three-peat title, the team went ahead and added Karl Malone and Gary Payton, who were in the twilight of their careers for one last hurrah of the Kobe-Shaq era. Unfortunately, Malone got hurt early in the season and the looming trial of Kobe’s Colorado case factored in to the team, as they were upset by Detroit in the NBA Finals.

Similarly, the Lakers failed to defend their title last year. The entire team outside the core was replaced with a litany of players who were in their 30s. Miller doesn’t think it is fair for people to compare both Lakers’ teams to each other.

Per usual, pundits and fans will be dissecting every result of the Lakers season. Like Miller implied, only pure basketball fans know that the real season starts in April, not before the holidays.